If you live in Wisconsin's Sixth Congressional District and would like to volunteer to help with Amy's campaign, please let us know. Just like donations of money, your time, effort, and support are very valuable, and much appreciated!

We are looking for:

  • People to organize and staff voter registration drives; studies show that the better the turnout, the better chance the Democrat has of winning!
  • People to volunteer to obtain verifiable signatures on petitions to get Amy on the primary ballot!  (Please see the text at the bottom of this page.)
  • People to volunteer to drive others to the polls for both the primary and general election.
  • People to volunteer to write postcards and make phone calls between July 1, 2022 and October 31, 2022.
  • People who are willing to talk to neighbors, pass out flyers, and/or put out yard signs on behalf of Amy's campaign.
  • Local organizations to host events where Amy can speak, or for fund-raising purposes on behalf of Amy's campaign.



If you don't live in the District, but would like to help Amy's campaign, here are some ideas:

       Follow @AIWashburn on X (formerly Twitter) - and like/repost her posts so others see them.
       Talk to people you know, and get them to talk to others, about Amy's campaign.
       Click here to donate, if you can afford it!

We are also seeking celebrities willing to come to rural Wisconsin (about an hour north of Milwaukee - 3 hours north of Chicago) to make Get Out the Vote appearances on behalf of Amy's campaign. We anticipate holding these in late July 2024, before the primary in August, and in late October 2024, before the general election in November. If you are a celebrity interested in participating in such an event, please have your management use the Contact page to let us know.

In Wisconsin, someone who wants to run in a primary election has to collect signatures to be put on the ballot Ė a minimum of 1,000 verified signatures is required, and you can only provide 2,000 total, so you have to have a 50% verification rate (thatís high, but in the Walker recall, the signatures were 96.8% valid Ė fakes are rare). You also have to register with the FEC for elections for federal office, but just doing that does NOT get you on the ballot.  Everyone who signs a petition must live in the district.  The August primary seems far off, but the petitioning starts April 15, 2024, and ends May 31, 2024. The signatures must be collected in person Ė email or online signatures are not accepted. Not only can signatures not be collected online, they have to be delivered to the WEC in person, as well! 

So, troops, we need your assistance!  If you are willing to help, please email us at washburnforwis6th@yahoo.com with the subject PETITION. We will email you back with a copy of the petition form, full instructions, and the address to which it should be returned. Please print out the form and, starting on April 15, 2024, get as many signatures as you can, and then mail the completed form to us.

We must receive completed forms back by absolutely no later than May 31, 2024, as they have to be delivered in person to the WEC in Madison on June 1, 2024. If you have questions, please email us.

We canít flip WI-06 blue if Amy is not on the ballot. Amy canít get on the ballot without these signed forms. We canít get these forms signed without your help.  Thank you!

Wisconsin's Sixth District